Enjoy our new range of relaxing, enriching and soothing bath bombs filled with Essential Oils and other delcious nourishing ingredients.


PINK - Infused with Doterra Passion blend.

WHITE - Infused with Doterra Restful blend.

GREEN - Infused with Doterra Forgive blend.

YELLOW - Infused with Doterra Cheer blend.

BLUE - Infused with Doterra Peace blend.

PURPLE - Infused with Doterra Console blend.


Crafted using 100% natural and organic Himalayan Pink Salt and fused with Epsom Salts and our carefully selected Doterra Essential oils, these salts are designed to help nourish your mind and wellbeing from the outside in. 

Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Variety
    • Cheer Blend
    • Console Blend
    • Peace Blend
    • Passion Blend
    • Forgive Blend
    • Restful Blend