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Welcome to Our Oil Space!

My name is Mary Jones, and I am a passionate advocate for alternative remedies, and the beautiful essential oils that nature produces for us.


I am a huge believer in finding and utilising methods of healing and treatment that are 100% natural and organic. These include the use of essential oils in my handcrafted health products and massage therapy, aromatherapy, Itovi readings and personalised health consultations.


Join me on a journey towards better health, starting from the outside in and discover all new ways to feel great, everyday!

Mary | Our Oil Space | Natural Remedies

About Me:

I have been researching and creating homemade balms, salves and other naturally infused health products for more than 25 years. Alternative therapies are something that I have always been passionate about and very interested in. 

More recently I discovered the wonderful world of Essential Oils through Doterra, and I was blown away.

As a mother of two and a grandmother of two, I have always searched for ways to keep my family happy and healthy without the use of synthetic medicines and prescribed remedies. This has lead me to my new venture with 'Our Oil Space' - named so because it is our oil space, not just mine. Essential Oils and natures wonderful healing products belong to everyone. 

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